The STRIPPER WEBSITE is functioning and simple, much like the band itself. Any live dates and sexy minutiae for the live band will be reported there.

The new record for the live band, Stripper, is "A Woman Under the Influence" (December, 2009). It features a guitar synth and a Beyoncé cover. It is here. Hard pop time.

The latest record, “Audrey,” (December, 2008) is a rock album.  The music page is here.

Model/Actress played the 2008 SXSW festival (March, 2008).  My last shows with them.  Such is life.  Here’s a picture.

Jim Santo from Alternative Press reviewed 2005’s “Farrah” recently.  His waiting list is two years long.  He always has great things to say.  Read it here.

The new record, “Sybil,” (May, 2007) is a double album.  It’s on the music page, which is here.

You can see a photo show my good friend Gustavo Albero put up for me in the background during a scene from “Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard.”  It’s lame.  You can barely see them.  They gave me three hundred bucks, though.

I’m playing some shows with another musical group called Model/ActressHere is their Myspace page.

The last addition of 2006, “Violet,” (December, 2006) is a piano pop album.  Listen to it here. featured “Brighter Shade of Darkness” as their September 23rd Daily Link.  See it here.

The newest album, “Brighter Shade of Darkness,” (May, 2006) is a ‘mash-up’ (a.k.a ‘Bastard Pop,’ “a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination (usually by digital means) of the music from one song with the acapella (rap) from another” (definition courtesy of  Bastardize yourself here.

There is now a Stripper page on  Stripper is sometimes a live act.  Check for updates there.

 Access Nation” has been invited to the Long Island Film Festival.  A review about the festival appears on  Read it here.

“So Complex Is the Simple Life” (from the “Stripper” record) is featured in another podcast.  Listen to it here.

Access Nation” has been listed on the Hollywood Reporter website.  It is here.

A new, not-so-complimentary review has popped up on  He liked my photography, though.  Regrettably, it is here.

The new record, "Stripper" (November, 2005), is done. It would sound good live. Check it out here.

An old song, "Dog Food," is featured on the 10-08-05 podcast, "Honk Honk TooT TooT." Check it out here.

The new record, "Ghost" (August, 2005), is an electronic, sample-heavy double album. Listen to it here.

"Farrah" is reviewed in the July (2005) issue of Ear Candy Mag.  Read it here.

Mike photographed the cover of the new Butane record, "Kill the Complex." See it here.

"Access Nation" has been listed on the Internet Movie Database.  Check out the page here.

Another non-album track, "The Odd Couple," is featured on the June (2005) Army Defense record, "We'll Be Right Back." Listen to it here.

Team Five's documentary, "Access Nation," was screened at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival. Read about it here.

A non-album track, "Eaten by Sharks," is featured on the May (2005) Army Defense record, "Six Feet Underachievers." Listen to it here.

The new record, "Farrah," is up. It's rock 'n roll.  Listen to it here.

Team Five's documentary, "Access Nation," was screened at the 2004 Malibu Film Festival. Read about it here.

Another record, "Sycamore," features a Jack Logan cover.  Listen here.

Team Five's documentary, "Access Nation," was screened at the 2004 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Read about it here.

A sampler of songs from "Sycamore," "Cindy," and "Are You Gonna Get Close to Me...Or Do I Have to Get Dirty?" is featured on the Shmat Records website.  Read it here.

Two ancient reviews (from Alternative Press) of Mike's old band, flicker, appeared on Jim Santo's Demo Universe.  Read the first one here and the second here.